Imported European Show Line German Shepherds

German Shepard Puppies from Germany

Adele/Collin puppies now 5 weeks old.

This male and female available.  All others sold.

Next litter will be in late July. 

now accepting credit card, debit card, venmo,zelle and apple pay!

call or text 281-923-5518 

We always have a long coat or two. Irresistible cuteness!

  You may reserve a puppy with no down payment until they are born. We have had 1 or 2 long coats in each of the last 4 litters. 

  All puppies are $3,000.  Next litters will be in Summer 2022

2 young dogs for sale.  11 month old female , Chica and 7 month old male, Eli.  We often keep puppies for a season to consider show quality. Eli is having a litte trouble with his ears lifting. They may lift after his taping. Very sweet and gets along with female dogs.

  Chica is a beautiful and active girl but unfortunately,she is over sized for the show ring. She likes to rough house with other dogs. Please call for more information!