Imported European Show Line German Shepherds

German Shepard Puppies from Germany

Adele vom Haus Vinzant

Daphne von Cohinor

5 years old

SG 1 USA Sieger show 2018, SG 12 BSZS

IPO 1 kkl AD 

Adele vom Haus Vinzant

IPO 1 kkl 6 years old

Yoshie vom Haus Vinzant

picture coming soon.

in Germany newly titled with

IPO and KKL.

Waiting to bred then back to USA

Xoie vom Haus Vinzant

2 year old Adele/Fight daughter SG1

 training in Germany . Soon to be bred and return home!

Tekka Vom Kimberlin Dey Haus                            Tekka    now retired                     Hailey von Wolf's canyon

                                                                       4 years  IPO 1 kkl AD