Purebred Male German Shepherds

At Haus Vinzant in Magnolia, Texas, we are very proud of our award-winning male German Shepherd, Whisky Von Der Wasserkuppe. Although we do not have any adults for sale right now, below you will find information about Whisky, and a translation of his full breed report.


Whisky comes from a long line of great German Shepherds. He competed many times in the World finals BSZS show in Germany and ranked V29 over 100's of other adult males.

Whisky is no longer at stud but we have 2 of his daughters and 2 nieces to carry on his excellent lineage.

German Shepard's Head - Male German Shepherds

Collin Groovy van de Ybajo Hoeve

1/1/15 D.O.B.

placed first place many times throughout the world

in international competitions

Sire - Groovy Casa Massarelli IPO 3

Dam - Quanta Opal Van De Ybajo Hoeve IPO 3

currently at stud and showing and training in Belgium 

Will be available for stud in fall of 2017 

Collin BSZS 2016

BSZS 2016