Imported European Show Line German Shepherds

German Shepard Puppies from Germany


Announcing the co-ownership of an exciting new male!

Ultravox von Arlett.  This dog will be in residence in German



Collin Groovy van de Ybajo Hoeve VA (ES +NL)

V31 BSZS 2017

1/1/15 D.O.B.

Sire - Groovy Casa Massarelli IPO 3

Dam - Quanta Opal Van De Ybajo Hoeve IPO 3

currently at stud at home in Texas

Only females with IPO and KKL will be considered

Collin BSZS 2016

BSZS 2016

Collin at BSZS 2017

Collin 2017

V Zander vom Haus Vinzant, kkl, IGP 2, USCA 2021 Sg 1 

First place in Nation!

My beautiful Whisky/Daphne son on his way to great things in the world!