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German Shepard Puppies from Germany

Purebred Male German Shepherds

At Haus Vinzant in Magnolia, Texas, we are very proud of our award-winning  German Shepherds.  

Whisky von der Wasserkupe 

Stunning son of Remo vom Fichtenschlag

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our Whisky.   .

Whisky comes from a long line of great German Shepherds. He competed many times in the World finals BSZS show in Germany and ranked V29 over 100's of other adult males.


German Shepard's Head - Male German Shepherds


Collin Groovy van de Ybajo Hoeve VA (ES +NL)

V31 BSZS 2017

1/1/15 D.O.B.

Sire - Groovy Casa Massarelli IPO 3

Dam - Quanta Opal Van De Ybajo Hoeve IPO 3

currently at stud at home in Texas

Only females with IPO and KKL will be considered

Collin BSZS 2016

BSZS 2016

Collin at BSZS 2017

Collin 2017

  1. 6 month old Zander vom Haus Vinzant SG1
  2. Whisky/Daphne son