Imported European Show Line German Shepherds

German Shepard Puppies from Germany

Puppy Contract




Haus Vinzant





Birth date:___________________________________

AKC Litter Registration #___________________________________



Paid in full



Limited AKC registration: This puppy is sold with restricted/limited registration . Upon meeting the following conditions, seller will remove the AKC restricted registration:

1. obtain a passing rating from the OFA with regard to dog's hips.

2. obtain title, preferably IPO or similar working title proving dogs above average standard of excellence for integrity of breed. Will also accept titles such as French Ring, Herding, AKC championship etc and will consider this at the age

of 24 months.

Health Guarantee

> General health information will be provided by the Seller, which includes information on diet, shots, worming, and any other treatments given this dog at time of sale.

A health record will be given to the Buyer and explained to them.

> Seller states this puppy is purebred, of good health, and free of communicable diseases . This puppy has been checked by a veterinarian and was found to be healthy. if any exceptions; full disclosure will be shared with buyer.

> All puppies have received their ?rst set of shots and worming at 2 , 4 & 6 weeks.

> The parents of this puppy are guaranteed to be free from hip and elbow dysplasia as certi?ed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Hip dysplasia can be caused by a combination of genetics and environmental factors. Care must be taken to keep your dogs weight in check and control your puppies jumping. No stair running or jumping from high places until 12 months for female and 18 months for males.

This gives the best odds of having a dog that will not develop this condition.

>Should this puppy be diagnosed during the ?rst year of life with any genetically derived medical disorder, which is considered by 2 unassociated veterinarians to be extreme enough to warrant euthanasia, Seller will upon receipt of veterinary reports, provide Buyer with a replacement puppy/dog of similar breeding from the next available litter or full refund.

This does not include minor faults such as allergies , reducible hernia, soft ears, or undescended testicles .


> Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in a healthy and safe environment . This includes routine preventive health care such as up to date immunizations, treatment for parasites including tick, ?ea and heart worm preventive meds. This dog should enjoy shelter from harsh environmental conditions including heat over 90 or weather under 40 degrees. Dog should be provided premium dog food.


>It is highly recommended that if you choose to spay or neuter your dog; you do so after the age of 18 months for the long term health of your dog. Particularly joint health.

>Buyer agrees that Seller will repossess this dog upon evidence of neglect and/or abuse at no expense to Seller.

> Buyer agrees to inform the seller if the buyer intends to sell or transfer ownership to a third party. Seller has the ?rst option to resume full ownership at a price and /or terms mutually agreed upon by both parties. The dog will be returned with the registration papers and any medical records. The seller has ten days to accept or reject this right of ?rst-offer.

> Under no circumstances should this dog be used in dog ?ghting or any other harmful similar activity.

> Should the buyer be unable or unwilling to ful?ll any of the above provisions or if this dog is seized by any local authority as having been neglected or abandoned, the seller retains the right to reclaim this dog without compensation.

> All sales are ?nal after 1 week with exceptions as stated above for health guarantee.


Full price for this dog is $3,000 unless otherwise agreed upon.


$500 deposit is non refundable .

Buyers Signature___________________________________________________


Sellers Signature___________________________________________________





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